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From: Marci Jones-Fritz
RE: Robust Google, Facebook and Yahoo PPC Strategies To Experience Soaring traffic

Have you been laboring for months and spending thousands of dollars trying to demystify the search engine optimization puzzle? Are you trying to figure out how to use Facebook to get traffic to your website? Pause… Consider PPC or Pay Per Click services, made available by major online brands, such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook. You can reach out to the millions of users of these online brands and you pay only when you get results.

Would You Like Millions Of People To Get To Know About Your Website?

A Most websites are lost in the search pages of Google and Yahoo. Despite this, they continue to follow measures as advised by SEO experts to increase their search engine rankings. With the popularity of online social media, SEO companies have got another tool in their hands to take advantage of website owners. SEO and SMO efforts do yield results. But the question is when???

You could be using SEO and SMO for months to get any measurable results. A better option is Paid Per Click. PPC helps you in achieving:

  • Huge exposure across major online brands such as Google or Facebook

  • High search engine ranks as the competition is very low as compared to organic search results

  • Highly targeted traffic through both social media platforms and search engines. Targeted traffic converges as the advertisement is displayed on well-selected web pages

  • Higher probability of converting users to buyers

  • Control over user traffic by providing essential data pertaining to the flow of users from different regions of the world

  • Competitive edge over others who are still busy with decoding SEO techniques and adding users to their Facebook profiles

  • Brand exposure unrivalled by any form of advertising popular in the online world

  • Continuous influx of visitors

  • Payments to be made only when you get results

Turn Your Website Into A Money Churning Machine

There are several misconceptions about PPC campaigns. You can easily find an SEO company condemning PPC campaigns as wasteful investment. It is a fact that PPC campaigns do not always spell success. However, this situation occurs only when you do not have the requisite knowledge to run such a campaign.

Here’s your chance to learn the fundamentals of a successful Google, Yahoo and Facebook PPC campaign.

Drive thousands of visitors to your website without wasting time and efforts on understanding Google’s search algorithm.

Harness the power of the best online brands to boost sales on your website.

Read ‘Effective Use of Google, Yahoo and Facebook PPC’ and take control of your website traffic.

Follow the strategies in this book. Sign up for a PPC campaign on Google, Yahoo and Facebook. Create an ad for your website. And that’s it!

Sit back and watch users from all over the globe visit your website. Focus your energies on providing effective solutions to those visitors. Forget the tension of increasing your visibility.

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